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Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons- First look, live stream recap.

Hey guys Delyndia here, and this is a recap of the Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons – First look live stream.

Cantha End of Dragons Expansion releases February 2022.

You can pre-purchase it now.

New 2 player mount siege turtle, both driver and passenger will have something to do, the passenger does not need to have mounts unlocked to ride.

Fishing boats called skiffs and Fishing are said to be added, 100’s of fish to catch, goldfish and catfish(old whiskers) were mentioned. You can fish all over Tyria and will need to if you hope to catch all the fish.

Revamping strike mission reward systems as well as 

new strike missions and challenge modes.

Strike missions will be challenging, 10 player versions of encounters from the story of End of Dragons.

End of Dragon strike missions will have challenge modes.

End of Dragon mobs will have new skills at higher ranks instead of just buffing health.

Gen 3 legendaries will be inspired by Aurne; the stages of the legendaries will represent the stages of Aurne growing up. There will be 16 of them, all available on launch day; the precursors represent baby Aurne and the legendaries represent adult Aurne.

5 new masteries, some of which are siege turtle, skiffs, and fishing mastery, but the others were not named.

New Cantha Guild hall, the expedition will have smaller encounters and better scaling.

The new Mesmer elite spec will allow Mesmers to use Daggers, clones will not be summoned but will stock a blade to be used with blade song profession abilities. Phantasms will still initiate but will stock a blade instead of creating a clone when they finish with their action.

It looks like necro may get to use pistols with their new elite spec going off of the sneak peek silhouette that was shown. 

Dragon jade technology was mentioned, but more was not said about it as of writing this article.


New class specs, beta test dates

Beta Event 1: August 17—August 21

Beta Event 2: September 21—September 25

Beta Event 3: October 26—October 30

Beta Event 4: November 30—December 4

Opt-in beta for DX11 is said to be starting later this year.

WvW alliances beta is said to be rolling in later this summer.

Okay, that’s all the main features that were discussed in the Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons – First look live stream.

If you want to watch the full live stream yourself click here.

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Guild Wars 2 Icebrood Saga : Let’s talk Essence Manipulation.

Hey guys Delyndia here, and I want to talk about the new masteries coming with the new Living World episode Whisper in the Dark.

I like having masteries to do that will give me a benefit in open world, sense mounts have been added we haven’t had many I think essence manipulation will be a good change from just trying to get your mount’s masteries done so you can get over a canyon.

I like the Rock, Paper, Scissors mechanic, it means you can’t just have one Essence maxed out and kick everything’s ass. You will need to use different Essences for what your fighting, such as, if you want to defeat a mob with valor you can’t just be all maxed out in vigilance you need to put some training in resilience as well.

How to tell the mobs Essence :

  •  Svanir embody the essence of Vigilance.
  • Fallen embody the essence of Resilience.
  • Aberrant embody the essence of Valor.

How do we unlock Essence Manipulation? :

You’ll need to unlock the second tier of the Raven Attunement Mastery track then choose an essence to start with and train it by gaining experience and mastery points.

If you want to learn more, Anet did a livestream Friday, November 15. You can view it below.

Whisper in the Dark is due to release November 19, 2019, so make sure to check it out.

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Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash

Betting on Moe races, Mount racing, Pinata bashing, bashing holographic Dragons And more!

Hey guys Delyndia here.

Dragon Bash is a guild wars 2 event that first happened back in the summer of 2013 after Zhaitan’s defeat in your personal story.

With the defeat of  Kralkatorrik in living world season 4 and pace again at last we can celebrate with Dragon Bash once again.

The first Dragon Bash was hosted in Lion’s Arch.

And now that Kralkatorrik has been defeated Hoelbrak is hosting Dragon Bash.

With dragon bash comes many events, achievements and an event currency called Zhaitaffy that you can trade in for a different currency called Jawbreakers.

Zhaitaffy can be used to buy rewards,  you can trade in 1,000 Zhaitaffy for one Jawbreaker and use them to buy better rewards.

And if you get tired of playing the Dragon bash events you can jump over to a competitive game mode and there will be a Dragon bash reward track waiting for you to start.

I don’t have much else to say I haven’t played that much to look into anything so once I play more, I will have more to write.

So that’s it and goodbye.

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The SkyScale New GW2 flying mount

May 13, 2019

Hey guys Delyndia here and today we are going to be talking about the new dragon mount the Skyscale.

Here are the questions I have.

Will the Griffin still be worth the 250 gold plus all the time it takes to do all of the collections?
Well according to Guild chat episode 83 streamed on May 3rd, No each will have its own purpose.

Does this mean Aurene is coming back?
I don’t know but it would be nice Anet, especially now that I could fly with her.

Will there be dragon races?
Well I have not found any information on it so we will have to wait and see.

Will we have to do a lot of collections?  Pay a lot of gold? Or will it be like the Roller beetle, and be apart of this Living World episode being released May 14th?
Well I have no answer for this one, we have not been given any information on this yet.

Will you always need to have energy to fly or will you be able to fly in the air as long as you like?
Yes, you can stay in the air as long as you want.

Can you fly as high as you want?
Although you can stay in the air as long as you want, you can’t fly as high as you want.

Why can’t you fly as high as you want?
Well there is thing called a flight cap, you can go to a certain height depending on how high you already are.

Is there a way to get higher up?
Yes, once you get your masteries leveled up you can grip on mountains and use your jump key (Whatever you have it set to) to  launch of the cliff and try to get to some point that you can land and this will rest your flight cap.

Ok but what’s the catch with this, it can’t be that easy?
When your gripping on the mountain your energy does not refill.

What about using the Bond of Vigor ability?
You can use the Bond of Vigor ability, and it will fill up your energy and some of your flight cap temporarily. But when your flight cap goes back down, you will return back to your original flight cap and Bond of Vigor will not recharge if you are gripping on a cliff.

Okay so those are the questions I had, and the answers I found. I can’t wait for the new Living World episode and the Skyscale coming out tomorrow May 14th, to get the Skyscale and find the answers to my unanswered questions.

Well that’s it guys have a great day and bye.

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