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Roblox Mobile Game Review: Hilton Hotels
Dragon Fire

Hello everyone so today we are reviewing Hilton Hotels! (I forgot to close chat menu for most of the screenshots)

In Front Of Hilton Hotels.

So we are at Hilton Hotels, the first thing we need to do is go in and check in!

In front of the Receptionist Desk


Alrighty so we are checking in, as you can see I already asked for a room, also you can see the people right behind me and it only got worse, and I had to wait awhile before I could get to my room.

We are right inside my entrance of my hotel doorway

After waiting a long while, I had to go into an elevator and go to my room, so what we have here is a coffee/tee table which, if tapped/pressed, will bring up an option menu which asks weather you want tee, coffee or cancel, straight ahead is the bedroom, and to the right is the bathroom.

Hotel bathroom

So here’s the bathroom, which has a working toilet that when it is  used it will turn the water almost greenish and can be flushed. The shower works as well, that you can turn the water on and off which is also awesome.

Hotel Bedroom

The bed works and the pose they use for it is awesome, it looks like an actual hotel bed. The TV in front of us which can switch channels, each channel plays a different movie, but only 1 movie per channel.

Casino/game room and fitness areas

Last but not least are the fitness room, arcade, and casino. In the fitness room you can go to the treadmill and walk on it, it isn’t an animation it actually moves and you have to keep moving against it, if you stop you will be carried off. The arcade and casino is a game pass that must be bought with Robux. Other game pass item are suites and express line.


That’s all for today guys I hope y’all liked the review, I would rate the game 7/10 stars, have a great day and peace!


Note 1: Here’s some notes for more info: most of the customers are extremely impatient from every play through I played (effects nothing on score but effects everything on annoyance).


Note 2: The game is very laggy on tablet (effects star rate a little).


Note 3:  I play Roblox on the app not the PC so I can accurately review stuff from the Phone/Tablet perspective but not so much on laptop.