Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons- First look, live stream recap.

Hey guys Delyndia here, and this is a recap of the Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons – First look live stream.

Cantha End of Dragons Expansion releases February 2022.

You can pre-purchase it now.

New 2 player mount siege turtle, both driver and passenger will have something to do, the passenger does not need to have mounts unlocked to ride.

Fishing boats called skiffs and Fishing are said to be added, 100’s of fish to catch, goldfish and catfish(old whiskers) were mentioned. You can fish all over Tyria and will need to if you hope to catch all the fish.

Revamping strike mission reward systems as well as 

new strike missions and challenge modes.

Strike missions will be challenging, 10 player versions of encounters from the story of End of Dragons.

End of Dragon strike missions will have challenge modes.

End of Dragon mobs will have new skills at higher ranks instead of just buffing health.

Gen 3 legendaries will be inspired by Aurne; the stages of the legendaries will represent the stages of Aurne growing up. There will be 16 of them, all available on launch day; the precursors represent baby Aurne and the legendaries represent adult Aurne.

5 new masteries, some of which are siege turtle, skiffs, and fishing mastery, but the others were not named.

New Cantha Guild hall, the expedition will have smaller encounters and better scaling.

The new Mesmer elite spec will allow Mesmers to use Daggers, clones will not be summoned but will stock a blade to be used with blade song profession abilities. Phantasms will still initiate but will stock a blade instead of creating a clone when they finish with their action.

It looks like necro may get to use pistols with their new elite spec going off of the sneak peek silhouette that was shown. 

Dragon jade technology was mentioned, but more was not said about it as of writing this article.


New class specs, beta test dates

Beta Event 1: August 17—August 21

Beta Event 2: September 21—September 25

Beta Event 3: October 26—October 30

Beta Event 4: November 30—December 4

Opt-in beta for DX11 is said to be starting later this year.

WvW alliances beta is said to be rolling in later this summer.

Okay, that’s all the main features that were discussed in the Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons – First look live stream.

If you want to watch the full live stream yourself click here.

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