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Guild Wars 2 Deadeye Thief build for WvW and PvE

Hey everyone Delyndia here and today I will be showing everyone my Perma stealth Deadeye Thief build with a tutorial video on how to perma stealth.

Perma Thief Build
Perma Thief Build

So before we get to that you are going to need to know what stats you want on your armor, weapons and etc.

So for your gear you will want power, toughest and ferocity and for your runes you will want Superior Rune of the Deadeye.

Then for your weapons you will want power, precision and ferocity on your rifle in addition to your daggers; you can really use any sigil you want. You can see what I use in the video.

Now for your backpack you will want power, precision and ferocity. For one accessory you want power, toughest and ferocity;  the other one you want to have something with condition damage, power and vitality, if you can’t get one with a little bit of everything like I have.

For your amulet you want condition damage, power and vitality. Then for your ring last but not least you will want power, precision and condition damage on one of  them and the other one you will want precision, toughness, vitality and condition damage. If you can’t get one with those states you can just get them both the same, but here is the perma stealth video.