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How To Get Free Legends On Madden 20
Dragon Fire

Hello guys if you would like to read how to get free legends on Madden 20, then continue reading, if not here is the video where I explain it all.

You can get free legends now, yay!

Madden 20 Legends Players

We have :

  • John Elway, a strong armed Quarter Back
  • Marcus Allen, a balanced Half Back
  • Marvin Harrison, a route running Wide Receiver
  • Larry Allen, a balanced Right Guard
  • Derrick Brooks, a pass coverage Right Outside Line Backer
  • Micheal Strahan, a Balanced Left End
  • Mel Blount, a balanced Corner Back
  • Ken Houston, a heavy hitting zone Strong Safety
Madden 20 Legends

You can get the power up version of any legend (example John Elway) by playing the solo challenge, which is a full game, or buying it from the action house or from packs.

Madden 20 Legends

You can get Elway legend cards to put into the Boss Elway set to get the boss John Elway to use in his power up card, you can either get it from pack openings or from the action house. This will work for all the legends players listed above.

Well guys I hope y’all like the article, and see y’all next time!

Dragon Fire