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Madden 20 won’t launch after update: Game Fixes.

Hey guys Delyndia here, and I don’t usually do Madden stuff but right now I’m trying to help Illspawn fix his. After the last update it won’t launch, so if you are having the same problem here are some fixes we found.

  • So the first fix says to run windows update and update your windows, and then reinstall your video drivers.
  • The next one says 
  1. Hit Windows Key + R.
  2. Enter %temp% and press enter.
  3. Make sure that hidden files are visible.
  4. Look for Madden 20 folder.
  5. Delete the entire folder.
  6. Close Origin and relaunch it.
  7. Launch Madden 20 from within your game library in Origin.
  • This last one is the one that worked for us.
  1. Right click on your Madden 20 shortcut and go to properties.
  2. Click open file location.
  3. Then open the data folder.
  4. Open the Win32 folder.
  5. Then delete one of the files that are not in a folder.
  6. Restart your PC.
  7. Open Origin.
  8. Go to your game library.
  9. Right click Madden 20.
  10. Then select repair.
  11. Note: If repair does not appear try restarting your PC again if this does not work, wait a while and try again.