Guild Wars 2 Warclaw

GW2 WvW: My thoughts on the Warclaw.

Update : February 25, 2019

GW2 ArenaNet Team just updated the release of the Warclaw on the official GW2 forums, click here to see for yourself.

The brief version, the release date has been changed to March 5, 2019. They don’t state if the double WvW experience will be delayed as well but in my opinion i do not expect it to start tomorrow either. In my belief it will start with the release of the Warclaw on March 5th, but we will have to wait to see.


Hey guys Delyndia here and today i’m going to be giving my thought about the new Warclaw that’s going to be added to WvW this Tuesday, February, 26, 2019.

So yeah the Warclaw…I think it will be very interesting, it’s kinda getting the same response the glider did when it was first added to WvW.

They will have to make it balanced and try, or at least try, and make sure that when they make it public that there are not too many glitches. That could ruin it all.  I mean come on, how many people are going to play if the enemy can just go on there oversized cat and run through there walls and/or gates.

If they do it right, it could be really cool but if they don’t…well have fun anet.  WvW will be even more empty than it was before.

If you want to go check out their announcement on the official GW2 site, click here.
And below is the GW2 Announcement on Youtube.

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